Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reviewing 2012

Somewhat belatedly, I realise that I should have commented on my flying in 2012.

It was my best year ever, with 118 hours total flying, of which all but one hour was in G-JONL. I had several trips down south, including, on one trip, a wonderful soiree around the west country, dropping in on delightful airfields such as Dunkeswell, Bodmin and Perranporth then continuing right on down to Lands End. A few days later I was swanning around the Western Isles of Scotland. So it seems I have been getting around the place a bit!

2012 was also the year that I made my first visit to the LAA rally at Sywell and that enabled me to progress the approvals for my variable pitch propeller. It was great to meet some of the LAA people that I was dealing with on a routine basis whilst building my Sportcruiser.

G-JONL performed flawlessly throughout the entire year, requiring no significant maintenance work and always ready whenever I wanted to fly. It's a real delight to own an aircraft that is available whenever I want it and which is proving to be so reliable.

It may be hard to beat the amount of flying I managed in 2012!

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